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MAIN PURPOSE: Enchancing the competitiveness of small and medium enterprise 


  - 238.717,50€ 

  - 158.835,00€


  - 107.422,88€

  - 71.475,75€

Project supported and financed by European Union funds under the Incentive Scheme SI Qualification and Internationalisation.

Sala Branca, established in April 2014, is engaged in consulting, brokerage, purchase and sale, retail trade and auctioning works of art and antiques

The values ​​promoted by Sala Branca are essentially based on excellence, professionalism, customer orientation and integrity. It is an innovative company designed to be one of the leading companies in the sector.

Taking into account its strategy in the medium and long term, the company introduced a bill to the incentive system Portugal2020 Qualification in order to strengthen their skills and qualifications of its services and the other to Portugal2020 Internationalization incentive system, with the objective of support its internationalization strategy, internationally promoting Portuguese artists.

These projects will contribute to the increase of two dynamic factors of competitiveness, training and internationalization.

The qualification strategy includes cost of studies and diagnoses associated with marketing and positioning definition and Sala Branca strategy and organizational consulting and commercial / sales, hiring technical staff, plan and marketing campaigns, with the modernization that want to print the way you communicate to the market (adherence to marketplaces, digital marketing consulting, etc.) and also to the responsiveness that you want to have to client requests and with the national registration of the brand Sala Branca and the creation and production of information and promotional material.

The promotion strategy in international markets Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, the UK and the Netherlands is based on a set of actions that cover the areas of promotion through participation in international fairs and events, digital economy, through communication and digital marketing, hiring technical staff for the project development and community registration brand.

With the completion of these projects the company will focus on a qualification strategy of its institutional tools in order to maximize the intrinsic value of their works and become a benchmark brand. Sala Branca also pretends to represent the finest works of art from Portuguese artists, considering its target market.

Portugal 2020

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